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Time: 9:00am-9:45am

Location: Sunday School Hall

Audience: Adults

“Then Moses wrote this law and gave it to the priests, the sons of Levi, who carried the ark of the covenant of the LORD, and to all the elders of Israel. And Moses commanded them...when all Israel comes to appear before the LORD your God at the place that he will choose, you shall read this law before all Israel in their hearing


The command Moses gave to the Israelites back then, applies to us today. Sunday School is the place where we all can come together to study and really dig in to the word of God. It’s a safe place to ask questions, express doubts and get clarification on things that can confuse you. Sunday School is the perfect environment to engage in real conversations about God and His word while making friends and establishing bonds of love and fellowship. By engaging in dialog with other members of the class, listening to their questions and hearing the answers, you learn that you are not alone in your struggles in understanding the word and living out your faith. As you recognize the common bonds, you develop friendships that will also keep you accountable and connected to the body of Christ especially in times of crisis and difficulties.

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